Como Laminated fabrics

Flexibility and strength

Lior makes laminated textiles with metallic and hologram effects, in many colors and with many innovative designs.


The Como laminated fabric collection created by Lior stands out for its variety, creativity and innovation. Many metallic effects are used.
Glossy: Twin
Opaque: Matt
Super opaque: Ultra
Among the latest novelties, Lior offers satin and foils to design, as well as holograms, perfect for dance and active wear and increasingly requested by the client.


Lior’s offer includes a variety of glue designs of both almost complete micro designs and designs that create different patterns ranging from ethnic to geometric ones. Lior offers many customization possibilities, playing with glue drawings, the color of the fabrics and the different effects of foil following customer requests.
The goal is to guarantee our clients tailored solutions that exceed any expectations in terms of design, creativity and technical perfection.


Our laminated fabrics stand out for the high quality standards, for practicality and, in particular, for the high resistance they guarantee.
Obviously, these are always specific processes for which the customer have to pay particular attention in the evaluation of the suitability for the final use to which the packaged item will be destined. Our staff is always available to accommodate requests for colorings and custom designs.


The precision of the workmanship and the technical perfection of the Lior team are closely connected not only to our professionalism and expertise in the sector, the result of years of experience, but also to the profound knowledge of printing techniques and attention paid to customer requests. Our goal has always been to respond in a complete, reliable and transparent way to market demand, remaining constantly up with the times and with the innovations underway in the sector, without neglecting the careful selection of processing materials.