Como Textile fibers and fashion

The basis on which to print

We propose a wide selection of items stored in the warehouse and always ready to be printed.


At our company it is possible to evaluate the use of a wide variety of fabric bases with many different compositions. All our fabrics are distinguished by value and quality of the texture.We offer a wide range of items stored in our warehouse and ready to be printed or laminated, however we are available to use fabrics specifically requested by customers, if the quantity make it possible.


The completeness of the services and products offered and the knowledge of the characteristics of the materials allow us to effectively respond to the ever increasing market demands through an excellent commercial offer, both for swimwear, underwear, and active wear and accessories. Among the materials used as base for our items it is the polyamide / elastomer, perfect for bathing suits with different composition and weight and with a smooth, opaque, glossy or worked appearance.


The qualities are divided into different types according to the composition, weight and appearance.

  • Polyamide / elastomer in different compositions and weights and with different aspects: glossy / opaque, smooth / embroidered,
  • Polyester / elastomer in different compositions and weights and with different aspects: glossy / opaque, smooth / embroidered.
  • 100% polyester for men’s boxer shorts, even here different proposals based on weight, appearance.
  • Various items for out of water and complement (cotton, viscose, silk, polyester) items available in the shuttle woven version, elastic and lace


The desire to satisfy the increasing demands of the customer and the market in general, and in order to offer a total look to the customer, we have developed and perfected over time the research of different fabrics and the creation of set prints on different articles and fibers, modifying if necessary the drawings, for example, making single placed design for sarongs or dresses. In this way our customers can buy from us not only the fabrics for the real swimsuit but also the fabrics for sarongs, t-shirts, caftans, dresses, etc.
We are also always ready to researching and developing new ideas resulting from the collaboration with our partners, whether they are customers or suppliers.