A year has already passed and while we are delivering orders for summer 2018, the new swimwear collection for summer 2019 is ready. The result of a long and careful work developed over several months, starting from the travels of Annalisa and Luigi in search of ideas and drawings around the world, followed by a review and an internal study made of changes, tests, samples , eliminated options, up to the choice of the first prototypes around which to follow a harmonious and varied development of the different lines of the collection. At present, the salesmen and agents of Lior have started the sales campaign that will have its culminating moment in Cannes during Maredimoda. Lior will be present at the usual stand (stand No. 30) where he will wait for all customers inviting them, if possible, to set an appointment. The collection, very successful, presents a great increase in the offer of designs for sarongs and in that of fabrics operated as well as Poncho. As always, in addition to more traditional designs you can find a wide range of new ideas.

At the warehouse the material is ready to guarantee the quick deliver of all the samples and the creative team is impatient to work on all the requested customizations of the customers.

Lior wishes good luck to customers for this new challenge.

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